Zagato Kanto and Low-Poly Stratos (Legacy)

I’ve compiled some of the older work I did modeling vehicles into a single post – this represents my initial introduction into Maya (I only had one subject for one semester as official training).  And all things considered, I think these turned out pretty well.  The Kanto was modeled in 2012, and the images are all from within Unity 3.


The Zagato Kanto concept, codename Project L147.  Originally slated as a limited edition of 400 units to slot into the Lamborghini line-up following the Diablo, the Kanto set itself apart through it’s tremendous top speed, rumored to be in excess of 350km/h.  To this end, the car uses rear wheel drive and advanced aerodynamic concepts to trim mechanical and aerodynamic friction, and the resulting design is quite striking.  Acceleration and cornering would have been phenomenal, given a target weight of just 1000 kg (2200 lbs), a power output of 600hp and extremely wide tyres.

However, following Lamborghini’s acquisition by Audi, priorities were shuffled and rather than a return to the ‘curvy’ Lamborghini design styles of the ’60s and 70’s, a closer, more linear successor to the Diablo was commissioned.  In the meantime, the Diablo was fitted with a four-wheel-drive system and a slightly more powerful engine, and also received minor styling updates.

Even by modern standards, a supercar with so much power and such a low weight would be highly competitive.  The power to weight ratio of the Kanto (600hp/ton) crushes the recently launched Lamborghini Aventador (450hp/ton), although the Kanto’s lack of all wheel drive would perhaps help the Aventador to accelerate from a standstill faster.


With the (at the time) boom in mobile games, I thought it a good idea to try my hand at low-poly modeling.  Again, remember this is nearly a decade ago, so what would have been typical mobile limitations back then is absolutely potato-spec now.  But, I’m still cunning enough to stack the deck in my favour, electing to work on a small, angular car with closed wheels and simple detailing.  The Lancia Stratos was a lightweight Italian sports car of the 1970’s featuring a Ferrari V6 engine mounted behind the glorious curved cockpit and styled to perfection by Bertone.  It was entered in the World Rally Championship and even achieved success (well before the age of 4WD monsters).  All up the car was sub-400 tris, with a 256 texture (that still worked at 128).



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